that's one of the issues

and suddenly, albi wasn't racist anymore

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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
29 March 1987
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In the marmalade forest, between the make-believe trees,
in a cottage cheese cottage, lives Albi...Albi the Racist Dragon...

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i'm sick of being the weird one
My name is Sara, but my friends usually refer to me as Sar, and I'm obsessed with everything. I am twenty-six years old. I'm a writer; I usually write fiction, but I've been known to write creative nonfiction as well as reviews of movies/plays/books/concerts. I'm currently working on a novel about the Holocaust as well as a fantasy YA novel about imaginary friends. I'm eclectic. I have a VLOG. I am ALSO in a video collab with 4 of my internet friends, which is located HERE.

I can be pretty giddy-nerdy when given the right amount of candy/movies to watch.

I am a fan of Harry Potter and I am not a fan of Twilight. That doesn't mean we can't be friends; just don't expect me to talk about Edward Cullen. :P I much prefer zombies over vampires. I also prefer dark chocolate over regular. What are ya gonna do?
i just wanna be your loved one
This journal is mainly used for discussions of the various & sundry things I like, the things I'm working on, and the goings-on in my life. If we have any of those things in common, please feel free to add me! I generally add people back unless they never update their journals or they don't seem to have much in common with me [or they seem mean].

I obsess over things like it's my JOB.

Current obsessions;
Adrien Brody; Wes Anderson films; Boardwalk Empire; YouTube; Nerdfighteria; Neil Gaiman; Flight of the Conchords; Community; Ben Stiller; Conan O'Brien.

Other major obsessions;
Role-playing; Watchmen; The Who; Monty Python; Saturday Night Live; Young-adult literature; Squirrels; Disney; Broadway; Russell Brand; The Mighty Boosh; Ukuleles.
i just wanna be happy

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"Don't fall in love with me yet. We've only recently met. Sure, I'm in love with you, but you might decide I'm a nut."

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"I yell about love cos you can never do it loud enough."

You know, Jemaine, I've been thinking about love.
And I think it's probably the very strongest adhesive available...

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