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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
22 September 2016 @ 07:52 pm
It has occurred to me that I should probably update this journal. Luis and I are engaged. ♥ We've been engaged since June 11th. We're getting married next October (2017). Woo!

How many of you still use this? (Besides George RR Martin. He seems to be a big fan of LJ.)
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
24 February 2014 @ 12:01 pm
I just cancelled my paid account on here, since I barely ever use Livejournal anymore. I mostly use it to follow my friends, and I can still do that without a paid account.

I also cancelled Netflix last night. After The Rocketeer, I won't have it.

Why all these cancelled accounts?

LUIS AND I GOT AN APARTMENT! We've already paid the first rent/deposit stuff and set up utilities. I live with him starting this Friday, though we move in next Thursday. It just makes more sense for me to move in with him via his house than coming all the way from Alexandria. It's nice to be able to slowly cart stuff there, though, as opposed to being kicked out of a place and rushing to move in. :) Not that I'm not ready to just sleep in the empty apartment cos I'm so happy!

We told his parents last night and they were all congratulatory and offering to help and they're letting us have the bed we've been sleeping in. :D His mom seemed really excited and happy for us. Sad to see him go, but we won't even be far. It also felt like a much bigger relationship step, when she was looking at us with this, like, new-found acknowledgment that we're serious about each other. We also teased Luis because he's Mr. Secretive whereas I've been telling everyone else. So now his mom was looking to me like, "Well, Sara will do this". And it felt pretty great. I can be trusted.

I'm glad my birthday is soon. We can get apartment stuff for my birthday. I'm willing to share the wealth.

Not that I'm gonna be wealthy, with $1370 rent and utilities, but you know. :)
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
11 September 2013 @ 05:22 pm
Wow, I have become really bad at updating this. I mentioned that on the collab channel that I share with jinxycat and musical_junkie (http://youtube.com/WereAdultsNow) on Monday and that made me want to start updating this again. I'll be honest right now and say it's not gonna be daily. But I'll try harder!

So. What's happened to me lately? Let's see...

My job is going to be switching over to a different art gallery soon, because the one in which I work is closing for renovations in December. It's a little stress-y and frustrating because soon I won't be able to have lunch with Luis, cos I'll be a longer walk away (but it'll be okay!), but I think it's also kind of exciting. The other art gallery is bigger and typically busier. Still hoping to find a full-time job doing something more fulfilling than selling stuff in a gift shop, but I do enjoy my job. It could be much worse. And I'd rather have a job than not.

Luis is going to Brazil for work the first week of December. So that's exciting. It'll be Sunday - Saturday, so it can be book-ended by time with me, which is good. If I spent an entire week without seeing him at least once, I think I'd become unhinged. He also said we could possibly Skype while he's down there. :) The discussions about apartments continue. We're not rushing, really, but it's clear that we're gonna do it. He also got all set for a credit card, so soon he'll be establishing credit, which is always good. I'm more excited than scared about these things these days. It helps that we talk about everything. I had a panic attack the other night and Luis urged me to talk about it instead of just trying to stave it off like I usually do. It ended in tears, but I also felt better, and he didn't judge me. He comforted me. He is a quality person.

In nerdy news, I got an idea for a NaNoWriMo story! I recently read Stiff by Mary Roach, as well as Dead Men Do Tell Tales by William R. Maples, Ph.D. and they inspired me... It's about time I write a novel about ghosts and dead people. My NaNoWriMo novels are always pretty spooky, actually.

I can't recommend Mary Roach's books enough, by the way. I've also read Spook and that was also great. It's also about ghosts. Hmm.

Saturday is Luis's and my 1 year and 7 months-iversary. So we're going out to dinner and watching Bonnie & Clyde. Yay, violence and murder! We're normal people. But it will be fun. Neither of us has seen it yet. I got it on Netflix last week and the disc was cracked down the middle. So I complained and got a new one. Say what you will about Netflix, but that was a quick, great response to the problem. They didn't even wait to get the broken one back and verify before sending me a replacement. I tested this one to make sure it wasn't broken and actually plays, too. I should probably do that next time I plan a movie night with Luis. XD D'oh.

I hope all of you are well! ♥ Thank you for sticking with me, if you've stuck with me!
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
I have to share this because it was heart-explosion cute.

Yesterday (Monday), I rode the Metro to work with Luis and he was so sleepy that he was falling asleep with his head on my shoulder/chest. He kept nodding off and it was so adorable because, at first, he seemed to be fighting it, but then he just accepted it. And I was sitting there with a ridiculous grin on my face. ^_^

The night before, apparently I was whimpering in my sleep cos I woke up and was suddenly covered in a comforter and in his arms. He told me I was whimpering and he asked me what was wrong and I said "cold". I guess it's not warm enough to sleep without a blanket yet. Heh.

My job is going really well, too. Some days, when not much is going on, I worry about things, but it's in my head. I had an excellent day on Sunday, and I worked 6 hours, spread out in BOTH gallery shops that day. I now have a savings account so I can get an apartment with Luis, too. :D

All is good in the hood, as cool people say.
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"

I am now a Sales Associate for Event Network, working in the gift shop of the National Portrait Gallery. :D MUSEUM WORK! And they'll work around my Holocaust Museum volunteering so I can keep doing that! And it's in the perfect location! Ahhhh!

Luis went with me, to the interview yesterday. He was so supportive and sweet. Then we looked through some of the exhibits so I could calm down and familiarize myself (again) with the museum. THEN, he got a call and scheduled a phone interview (for today) for the non-profit business where he just interned. Fingers crossed for him!

Tally, if you're reading this, I called it "Tally luck" because of all the awesome things that are happening for you. ♥ I told Luis's family about you, because they LOVE The Big Bang Theory and they're excited for you, too!

So, yes. Happiness all over the place! ^___^
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
09 January 2013 @ 01:10 am
I've been having more self-judgmental thoughts lately, and they really suck because they generally end up making me feel like crying at really inopportune moments. It makes me sensitive, because anything said to me when I feel this way that's even slightly critical ends up making me panicky. :/

I have gotten better about voicing my feelings, though. I tell people when they're making me feel bad, instead of just trying to keep it inside. So that's good. I just wish I didn't get upset at petty things.
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
06 January 2013 @ 04:21 pm
I'm watching the playoff game between the Redskins and the Seahawks, in my Sonic the Hedgehog shirt, for Skins luck. (They are alternately "The Hogs".)

Luis is at the game. I am jealous. Also, I am alone in his house. Heh. I told him, "You're going to miss the dancing-naked-through-the-house party." XD

This is a short entry, but at least it's an entry!

Last night, we hung out with my family for my sister's birthday. We got Thai food (he got the chicken version of my tofu dinner) and then we went to her condo and she opened presents and Luis got to see her army of five cats. It was nice. :)

I really hope the Redskins win.
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
I have Diagnosis Death - which stars Bret & Jemaine, among others - on Netflix, and I cannot bring myself to watch it.

I've had it since the end of November. Aaaah.
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
03 January 2013 @ 02:11 am
So much for posting an entry a day. I just cannot do this. XD But I will at least try to post way more often than last year, okay?

Today, I went to the bank with Luis and came back home. It was much more enjoyable than it sounds, I swear.

I was suddenly overcome with a need to watch When Harry Met Sally with him. That movie is so good. It's on my short list of favorite movies I saw for the first time in 2012.

Hey, if I can keep this up, maybe my LJ will at least provide a snapshot of each day, even if the entries are brief and not very interesting. Weee.
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"my friend Sara who's obsessed with everything"
02 January 2013 @ 07:19 pm
I got this idea from jinxycat.  I am going to attempt to see 50 new (at least to me) movies in 2013.  Once I have seen them, I will add them here to this post, and include a three-word summary of how I felt about it or something that I took away from it.  Example: Midnight In Paris. personal golden ages. *rubs hands together*

100 Movies In 365 Days!Collapse )

I'm ALSO going to try to read 25 new books (at least ones that are new to me) in 2013. I will post them here, with a three-word description thingie, too!

25 Books In 365 Days!Collapse )
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